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After Care

So ya got a tattoo...what next?  

After Care

1. Leave the dressing on the tattoo for approx. 2-3 hours.
2. Wash your hands well then remove the dressing.

3. After removing the dressing, gently wash your tattoo using only your fingertips, (do not use a facecloth, sponge etc.) with a good quality un-fragranced liquid soap and cool to lukewarm water (cool water is less likely to stimulate fresh bleeding).

4. Pat it dry with a fresh, clean towel or kitchen towel– do not wipe or rub it dry.

5. Apply a light film of the recomended after-care cream and pat any excess. Again, do not rub. Reapply a fresh dressing that night.

6. Wash the tattoo (using steps above) 2 or 3 times daily for 4 days. (Always ensure that your hands are freshly washed when cleaning the tattoo)

7. You should continue to treat your new tattoo in this way for about 2 weeks, or until the tattoo has stopped flaking and is no longer dry and shiny.

8. In addition to the points above, the following should also be considered. Submersion or soaking in water can damage a new tattoo by causing the healing scab to soften and fall off prematurely, therefore you should avoid putting the tattoo in the water stream while showering and submerging it under the water while bathing until your tattoo has fully healed. For the same reason you avoid using saunas & steam rooms while your tattoo is healing.
Swimming should be avoided for the reasons above and also because Chlorine in pools and hot tubs can cause severe irritation
Lakes and rivers may harbour germs and bacteria which can infect and damage your tattoo. The abrasive qualities of salt water can also damage your tattoo by causing premature flaking of the healing scab.

Tight clothing can cause excessive friction that may irritate the healing tattoo and/ or cause the scab to flake off prematurely, therefore while your tattoo is healing you should always wear loose clothing on the area allowing the tattoo breath and avoiding irritation.

Never pick at or scratch the new tattoo, this will damage it. If the tattoo itches apply a light layer of the lotion or cream recommended by your tattooist

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